Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 Creative Blog Hop

I was asked by a friend -Rhea Skomorowski, and her blog is ReAson, to create a project and a blog post for the Crafty Blog Hop.  I knew time was a little hectic what with thew holidays upon us but I said yes.  
Fast forward to Saturday.... the day before the project and post are suppose to be ready... Am I ready??? Of course not !!! I completely forgot!!!!!
In our craft group Crop Circles, we hold a Same But Different challenge.  Everyone receives the same items in the mail and then has a month to create with them. It could be a scrapbook page, a card, tags, what ever your crafty little heart desires. At the end of the month the pictures of the completed projects are posted so we can all see everyone different takes using the same things. It is a lot of fun and really gets those creative juices flowing!  A Same But Different Challenge was held in November and due to a million and 1 things I did not get anything completed ( well actually I didn't even start anything)
Fast forward back to Saturday!  I figured I would base my project around those very same-Same but Different items  and see what I could come up with.  I sat down with them in front of me and contemplated a scrapbook page.....

But nothing came to mind.  I spied an old frame laying in the corner of my oh so not tidy craft room and decided to play around with that.

This is what I came up with.

2 birds with one stone, although one is very late lol

Creative Blog Hop Questions:

Question 1: what are you working on?

Too many things to wrap my head around. I am trying to get into the whole "Project Life" I am finding it way too easy to buy the stuff but as of yet have not even started a page. I have a list of "Candle Boxes" that someone has asked for, waiting to be made, Birthday cards for January to be put together, I have not scrapped a page in a year so I have loads to catch up on there, I also have to make a special keepsake card for a client who wants it for a Goddaughters 1st Christmas, and the list goes on and on.

Question 2: How does your work different from others in your genre?

I don't know specifically if my work differs from others or not. I encompass a number of different styles. The clean precise images and cards using my Stampin" Up projects and what I call the Stampin' Up style, but I love to get very messy with mixed media, love distressed and grunged up projects cards and pages. So I am kind of like a pendulum all over the creative crafty spectrum.

Question 3: why do you create what you do?

I absolutely love creating things. Whether my project turns out or it gets laid in a pile to re-visit later to rework, I find complete joy and happiness in crafting. When I walk into my craft room I find peace, the smell of the room, the papers, sprays, glues etc always puts me at ease and wipes away any stressors. Before I started crafting a few years ago I was very high strung, always needed to be doing something ( usually 4 things at once) I just couldn’t relax, always on edge as if I was going to miss something. Creating and crafting have taken me to a much calmer place….. not to be mixed up with the utter madness of crafting deadlines, a hurricane hit craft room, a million projects at once…. But that hecticness and madness lol is calming and refreshing. I just want to make things, give them to people and hopefully leave a little bit o myself with them as well as bringing a little bit of happiness. Crafting is my drug of choice lol …. Oh and wine  must not forget the wine !!

Question 4: how does your creative process work.

I don’t know if I can explain how my mind works lol. I usually have a 1000 idea’s swirling around at any given moment, things I want to try, things I need to make for clients or birthdays, items that I have bought or found and am just itching to use or re-purpose or alter. I can sit down with all intents on making a card needed in a week’s time for some occasion, get half way through, lay it aside and move into something else that has caught my eye or that my mind just won’t let go of.  Somehow I always get the things done that I need to along with a load of other side projects that just popped up along the way.

Unfortunately I could nbot find anyone to carry on the blog hop. They have either already participated or are very busy with the Holiday season.  Sorry!!!    But a very Merry Christmas to you and Yours !!!!

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  1. Whoop, great project, it was a great kit. Enjoyed reading your answers as well. Thanks!