Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunburst Christmas Cards

I sat down last night really wanting to be crafty, I was all hopped up on pintrest and a thousand ideas swirling around in my head, but when push came to shove I wasn't in the mood....... I know I know it totally shook up my world... not in the mood??? Words I never thought I would associate with getting down and crafty.   But there it was part of me wanting so badly to make something and the other half just wanting to veg in front of the tv curled up watching a movie.
 I compromised with myself.  I have always wanted to make something using the awesome sunburst patterns that I see everywhere.  So I told myself.. Self you are going to make a card using this pattern then you can slip into movie land.
Awesome plan right !..... Sure if one had any idea at all about how to go about creating that lovely burst... So back to Pintrest I went. Came across an great video tutorial by Dawn Olchefske, a Stampin Up demonstrator  How Did She Do That: Easy Starburst Card  .

Grabbed my Joyful Peace Kit from GDC Studio picked out 4 color pages and started cutting. It was a breeze and quick before I knew it I had enough cut for 3 cards with lots left over if I wanted to make more tomorrow.  And I think I will make more this afternoon !


  1. Great job!! I've seen many cards lately using this design.

  2. Very nice cards!! I love the papers that you used!!