Friday, August 30, 2013

Keeping in the Christmas Spirit theme I thought I would finally venture into trying to cut vinyl on my Cricut Expressions Machine.   I bought a few rolls of cricut vinyl quite awhile ago and they ended up into the to use someday heap.... so someday is today!!
Ok I'm not going to lie I struggled a little bit with these projects and I went through a full 2 rolls.... yes I did lol. First it took me awhile to realize that I had no change my blade or housing to the "deep cut" blade.. which worked so much better lol.  Then I was told to use brand new mats, the stickier the better......  Which is all fine and well believe me the matting on the vinyl stuck to those cricut mats like crazy glue.... (actually its still on some of them)  but depending on the design the vinyl sometimes lifted from its backing and didn't cut through.  Anyways enough whining it was a learning experience and I am really glad I tried it. I will definitely be cutting with vinyl again at some point so do not let me words scare you.. it was fun and the end results  are always beautiful whether you are putting them on your wall, a frame, a box etc.
On to the finished products ( I will admit my lighting in these photos do leave something to be desired)

My Jingle all the Way Shadow box ( filled with glitter and diamond dust)

I think I will actually be filling this jar with something white or solid to make the lettering much easier to read. ( Front and back read: Are you a part if the Inn crowd or the Stable crew  with a nativity scene on opposite sides. )

I also figured I would try some silhouettes for candle holders, I must admit in person with the candles lit these look gorgeous

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